Reedsy Writing Contest.

Dear All. If you need some writing inspiration, you can participate in reedsy weekly writing prompts contest or check their curated list of writing contests. At the moment I am taking part in a short story contest on reedsy and Three days ago I submitted my writing entitled "The Difference". My writing has been reviewed and approved for [...]


Future Home

Wake up in the morning with a warm welcome from the sun that had just risen from the eastern horizon. Illuminating all plants in the front yard as a sign that life is starting again. Green grass that grows evenly, like a green carpet stretched over the vast yard. The colorful flowers planted on it [...]

Utilizing The Capabilities Of Cellphone Camera.

The development of camera technology embedded in a smartphone at this time is extraordinary. The ability to capture images and record video in high quality is supported by practicality to carry it everywhere. At the moment I am thinking of a project utilizing the capabilities of my cellphone camera to be able to provide additional [...]

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